Thursday, October 23, 2008

November Meeting and Next Meetings

We will have our WEA General Meeting
Monday, November 3rd , 7PM at Bennett's Chop & Railhouse

(they know we're coming!)

1305 7th St. (at Victoria)
(651) 228-1408
Please plan to buy a drink!

Scene,See and Be Heard Update
Iron Pour Debriefing
WEA presence on Fort Road Board
Pilney Update-new plan?
Ideas for future?
WEA presence on Fort Road Board

Future meetings:
Thursday,December 4, 2008
Monday, January 5,2009

Be sure to check out the current scene at:

Monday, October 13, 2008

October Meeting, Next Meeting, and the Next Scene!

West End Arts General Meeting
Thursday Oct 2, 2008 7PM at Fort Road Federation

Attendance: Rene LaBore, Mary Esch, David Rich, John Davidson, David Thune, Nance Derby, Jason Gorski, Kle Thune, David Thune, and Betty Moran. New attendees: Maryellen Murphy and Jayne Lindesmith

--About 20-40 students and profs participating in the the main iron pour. About six people signed up for the scratch tiles.
--Biffies will be set up on site, 2 police officers on duty, and hot-dog vendor on Saturday.
--No beer sales or donations because we did not get Permit soon enough and also because of some limits on what brand we could have at the brewery.
--No band.
--Nance will bring some tables and chairs. Mary will bring a canopy tent. Jason will bring pop.

2.)Art at Pliney ( Point-person: Kim Berry )
--Art shows there are postponed indefinately because Chris Boone needs to install some permanent art hanging devices on the walls and he needs to look into insurance issues.

3.)Guide Lines ( Point-person: Nance Derby-Davidson)
--Our last meeting (Nance,Mary, Paullette) was productive and we are half way done.We will meet again to finish up.

4.)Performance Showcase "Scene,be Seen,and Be Heard" ( Point-person: Jason Gorski)
--For performers who live or work in the West End
--Probably take place at CSPS for1-3 nights in January over Martin Luther King weekend.
--West End Arts website has ALL the details about auditions.
--Recorded demos submission deadline is Nov.22 and live auditions will be Nov.20
--We need to apply for Alcohol Permit ($58.00) about a month before event.This allows Betty Moran to serve (she is annually certified in Alcohol Training) complimentary beer/wine or serve it for donations

5.)New Business
No one objected to the proposal to start having our general meetings at local cafes or bars. Mary will checkout Bennet's Chop and Rail House for next meeting.

6.)Future Meetings
Monday, November 3, 2008
Thursday,December 4, 2008
Monday, January 5,2009

Despite the rain the Iron Pour was fun. Hope to see more people from the neighborhood next time!

Be sure to check out the next "Scene, Be Seen, and Be Heard"!