Sunday, March 14, 2010


WEA Minutes & Follow-up Actions: March 4, 2010. These minutes will be posted on the website. as well as emailed to our regular mailing list.
March 4, 2010
Padgetts, 7 P.M.
Next Meeting, Monday, April 5, 2010
[Side note: Deborah Padgett will be out of town on April 5… Minute takers out there?]

Attendees: Dawn Kelly, JoAnna Craighead, Lori Harris, Dan Wing, Janine Olson, Janet Groenert, Kent Petersen, Mary Esch, Joe Landsberger, Mattt Brown,
Halle O’Falvey, Michael Padgett, Steve Murray, Kim Berry, Nance Derby, John Davidson, Marty Hicks, Deborah Padgett.

First order of business was discussion of attempts to hold an Iron Pour exhibit at Dave Thune’s Gallery. Matt, Nance, and Marty reported they hadn’t had a chance to call David Thune to find out if this opportunity exists. I think it was Nance who said Dave Thune wants to wait to hold the exhibit and hold it closer to next Iron Pour. We still have $700 in the Iron Pour budget and city wants to know what to do with the money. Have to spend $ to get reimbursed. Nance wants volunteers to engage in publicity, catering (Janet Groenet said she would cater), Will report back to larger group.

Second, June 19 Art Sale to be held in the Federation Yard. Halle O’Falvey will display quilts on the line to create a line of demarcation for the exhibit. There will be booths available. Halle is the point person. Contact her at: The show will be first come, first serve due to limited space. WEA owns a pop-up canopy that can be put to use at this exhibit. The exhibit coincides with the West End Gardeners show. Halle will send out a call for artists. [Follow-up action: CALL was sent to all on mailing list on Monday, March 8, 2010.]

Third order of business: Art in the Gardens: Troubadours, Spoken Word, Plein d’aire painters wanted. Attendees were asked who might be our representative to attend West End Gardeners meetings. Deborah mentioned that Kent Petersen said he would connect with her and with Nance shortly about WEA involvement in Garden Show, Deborah said she expected to attend future meetings or West End Gardeners since she and Michael’s property will be a participant in the show.

There was discussion about having a plaquard created to denote the presence of artists in the garden and make visitors aware of our existence and purpose. Marty Hicks will make iron tripod stands. Marty Hicks will make display stands and seek reimbursement . He estimated costs somewhere around $200 and Kent Petersen said that funding is available in the West End Gardeners Budget. Betty forwarded a reimbursement form to Nance. Nance suggested using the classic artist’s palette shape for a sign indicating the hours artists will be in given gardens. Will report back. 12 to 15 gardens are featured in this show.Mary Esch is working with West End Gardeners to recruit artists to be in the gardens on June 19, 2010 during the garden show. She asked Deborah Padgett to send out her CALL FOR ARTISTS, which Deborah has done twice. Please contact Mary at for further information and/or refer to the email “Call” you received.

Deborah and Michael Padgett are working with Tami Wold so that WEA artists will exhibit at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, April 13 – May 31, 2010. A CALL FOR ENTRIES has been created in both hard copy and email and has been distributed. A graphic was created for use as a 8/5” x 14” poster and can be used for other publicity in various shapes and sizes. The Padgetts will make up about 20 posters for distribution in the community. The Poster has been posted on the West End Arts website/blog as has the CALL FOR ENTRIES. Jpeg of Poster is attached here. [One correction: April 25 reception hours are from (9:30 AM to 10:15 AM and not 9-11AM… we will correct the poster...Done!)

The WEA Guidelines have been finalized and accepted by the Federation. Rachel and Nance will post on web. (pending)

Janine Olson made contact with Mississippi Market and is currently showing her work there. Be sure to stop in and take a look.

The W7th Business Association: Group seems to agree we should have representation/ attendance at these meetings but wasn’t able to make it happen in February. Kent Petersen said he attended the W 7th Enhancement Coalition On March 4. Said they are aiming toward Spring Clean Up, May 15, Saturday. The next meeting is Thursday, March 25, 11 AM at Mancini’s.

COMMUNITY REPORTER Editor called Deborah Padgett and asked her to urge artists to submit information to have their profiles included in the paper. He said the paper will be using color print in the future and the Artist Profile section will be a color feature. Deborah sent out an email request to our membership. Contact Jerry at Refer to email for specifics.

The above concludes the formal business of the meeting. Well-attended meeting ended without mention of a location for next month’s meeting. PLEASE MAKE A SUGGESTION.

Respectfully submitted, Deborah Padgett