Monday, December 8, 2008

January Meeting Announcement & December Meeting Minutes

We will have our next WEA General Meeting Monday, January 5th, 7PM at Skinner's
(Stay tuned for details.)

Be sure to check out the current scene at:

Minutes From our Last WEA General Meeting
Thursday, December 4th , 7PM at Glockenspiel

I. "Scene, Be Seen, and Be Heard" Live Performance Showcase Update (Jason)

Initial response to our flyers was weak but proactive efforts by Mary have generated 12 commitments and 9 maybes for our lineup, representing a mix of music, spoken word/performance, film, and poetry. Two hours of material easily.

  • No screen to drop in front for films. That's an issue.
  • There are restrictions on drilling holes in historic walls of historic theater, so some setup/decor issues will need to be figured out. Jason suggests using the hall as is. Nance has ideas. They'll talk.
  • Discussion of sound and lighting equipment. Christy suggested we talk to Metropolitan Regional Arts Council (MRAC) ( regarding borrowing equipment or renting it at a discount for community event. Someone else suggested Midwest Sound and Lighting.
  • Betty working on beer license. Nance fronted money for license and will get reimbursed with proceeds. Volunteer pourers listed below.
  • Betty suggested a small mailing because she didn't think we could cover a larger mailing with our current account balance of $600. Jason disagrees, and thinks this amount could cover mailing, some posters, and even some beer and wine. Mary will follow-up on mailing plans.
  • Paulette wants MN State Arts Board mailing list, and Christy says she can help with that, though she thinks there is a charge.
  • Kent suggests an ad on SPNN and an insert in the Community Reporter. Nance will look into the charge for an insert. A couple of us know Mike from SPNN but not sure if anyone committed to asking him about this.
Calendar items:
  • Joe and Jason plan to meet with Jack Rose, Lex-Ham Theatre contact, re: stage management.
  • Rehearsal/run-through planned for Friday night before show.
Production crew volunteers:
  • Jason
  • Nance
  • Joe
  • Christy
  • Mike
  • Marty
Beer volunteers:
  • Betty
  • Nance
  • Paulette
II. Other Discussions
  • How much of our efforts are community-centric (a la Scene and Be Seen Visual Arts Show) vs. bringing in influences from outside West Seventh (a la Iron Pour)? What are our goals in this respect? What should our goals and responsibilities be in this light, given the grant money we receive? Opinions vary.
  • Nance wants the Rules and Regulations Committee to meet again. She'll contact Paulette, Mary, and Jason (color commentator) to arrange a date and time. Rachel will pinch hit as reviewer as needed.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December WEA General meeting

All are welcome to join us at the next West End Arts General Meeting!

Thursday, December 4, 7:00 pm

Location: Glockenspiel Restaurant
605 West 7th (at Michigan)
St Paul, MN 55102
(651) 292-9421

Agenda: Updates on the January 2009 performance showcase "West End Arts Scene,See,and Be Heard", and some important announcements.

Next general meeting is Monday, January 5, 2009

Got a discussion topic? Or for further information
please contact: Mary at

See you there!
Mary Esch WEA Coordinator