Thursday, November 8, 2007

December 5, 2007 Meeting Announcement

When: First Wednesday of December, December 5, at 7 p.m.
Where: Sokol Hall (above Glockenspiel Restaurant), 383 Michigan St. at West 7th, 2nd floor.


joe said...

Craig and Jeff Cohen, the master developers of the Brewery project, have confirmed that they will also join us on December 5 meeting.

josfl said...

Check out MPLS Tribune Opinion Exchange "A Simple Path to Strong Neighborhoods" and the importance of building public gathering spots, even if just a bench along a street; or of neighbors out for walks with each other (and reducing crime), or visible presence of dog walkers (!), exercising and monitoring their neighborhoods and ... What are out West 7th gathering spots, and are they encouraged or neglected? The brewery project offers great hope, especially the brewtown sign spot at its eastern end

Rachel R said...

Hey, the first comment is a good lead-in to our planned activity for the December 5th get-together. Besides socializing and meeting, we want everyone to contribute to an "asset map" of the West End. Assets in this context include anything that contributes to or is valuable to the arts in West 7th (both tangible and conceptual). Come with ideas of places and spaces you think are important to note and we'll provide a (big) map of the area to write on. It should be fun, and it's a very important step in gathering our resources and ideas. Thanks!

Raphael said...

I'm really excited about Rachel R's asset mapping plan!