Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Building Blocks

Okay, I'm back. Not that I've been anywhere but here and still thinking about this potentially great little neighborhood. And how art can make it better. There's a new grant initiative at the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council. It's called Creative Intersections. It's about developing real partnerships: art organizations, businesses and municipal or other government agencies to collaborate on an art-related project that will have a life beyond the project somehow. It's a challenging proposition that demands thinking a little deeper and having a broader vision about the kinds of projects that such a cross-sector collaboration can engender. I'd like to suggest that those of us interested in using the arts as building blocks to construct a richer, homier, livelier and culturally vital community begin by thinking about projects that deepen the sense of place and history of the West End area. It's not so much about applying for a grant as it is about beginning to consider what kinds of programs, events or activities we could work together on that would have a long-lasting impact; that might serve as a beginning rather than an end.

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