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February 4, 2008 Meeting Minutes

West End Arts Meeting Minutes
Feb. 4, 2008
Chez David and Paulette

Ideas for our Inaugural Event
West End Arts ... a flushing out of artists in the community.
To this end, our first priority will be an open call, non-juried show.
Mary Esch presents sample calls for entries. She just curated a show at St. Kate's so has recent and direct experience with this kind of thing.

  • Mary suggests a simple approach for an inaugural event. David seconds.
  • Rotate show. Put some stuff up at first, then other stuff.
  • Mary, Ann, Becca promote idea of artist "mixer" in the space, whatever it is, separate from the show.
  • Volunteers could watch over space/show during exhibit hours.
  • TBD: Would call be open to non-West End artists?
  • Inquire at for rent/vacant spaces. Perhaps Dave Wick. can help us find these spaces.
  • Pilney building is currently vacant.
  • Remember that there would be a tax deduction for donations of space, food, beverages, etc. (Truly? Even if we're not offically a non-profit organization?)
  • Dave Thune said city may be able to provide ad budget.
  • Marcus Young, current St. Paul Artist-in-Residence, is good liaison to city. He's currently looking for space in the West End. He loves it here.
  • West End Business Association, which has recently reformed, may be interested in providing resources. Nance is joining.
  • Becca suggests establishing West End Arts membership dues of $5-$10.
Other Business
  • Nance would like to develop a structure for the West End Arts group: a leader, etc.
  • Paulette suggests Kent Aldrich as potential graphic designer/logo developer.
  • Community Reporter ran an article about the proposed artist live/work spaces at the Brewery. Paulette mentions that tax credit for such spaces is in jeopardy, and this may impact development.
Action Items
  • Becca will get together with Dave Wick. to find out about potential space for West End Arts inaugural show.
  • Nance will pursue ad budget possibilities (by talking to Dave Thune).

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