Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 7, 2008 Meeting Minutes

West End Arts Meeting Minutes
by Rachel

April 7, 2008
Fort Road Federation Office

Round-up of ideas for our inaugural event/show:
  • Brewery as locale, if possible
  • Non-juried, though if there are an extraordinary number of entries we can have a selection jury
  • Satellite spaces for overflow entries
  • Steering committee will meet to hammer out details such as:
~ call for artists within Ford Road Federation boundaries
~ combining show announcement & call for artists
~ venue
~ date
~ opening reception
~ where/how to distribute posters, postcards, & flyers
~ Community Reporter/Villager article/ad
~ KFAI promotion
~ public access/SPNN,
~ press release
~ West End Business Association partnership
~ "art crawl" with the art crawling down W. 7th via sandwich boards
~ rings of power for participating artists
~ ... and more
Steering committee members so far:
  • Jason
  • Lia
  • Heather
  • Marty
  • Halle
  • Nance
  • Rachel
  • John
Mission statement:
Marty suggests we solidify a mission statement, to define ourselves and give us some direction, aid in goal-setting, put at the top of a grant applications or budget, etc. So, what are we about?
  • non-inclusiveness: for all ages, demographics, subcultures
  • connecting artists with each other
  • letting the greater area know we're here
  • supporting arts and artists
  • having shows
  • being visible
  • communicating
  • sharing knowledge
  • promoting and encouraging each other
  • defining "art"
  • defining "support"
  • ... by any means necessary
Draft statement:
Neighbors and friends organized to promote and foster arts in the West End, by encouraging and connecting artists, and extending arts into the community through exhibitions, live performances, and educational outreach.

Inaugural Event/Show Budget ideas:
Heather offers to take the lead on drafting a budget for the St. Paul City Council. Rough ideas:
5000 postcards at $1,500
5000 flyers at $200
250 posters at $500
Postage $400
Designer $300

What's Next:
Steering Committee meeting
When: April 23, 2008
Where: Acme Scenic Arts (Nance & John's place), 941 West Seventh. (Next door to the Mad Hatter.)

West End Arts meeting
When: May 5, 2008
Where: Fort Road Federation Office

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