Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Steering Committee Update, April 30 Meeting Cancelled

Since we met last week, Jason and Halle contacted some key people about potential venues, but have not nailed down any details yet. Instead of meeting on Wednesday, April 30, we thought it would be easiest to post this update. We hope to have more details by Monday, in time for the next general West End Arts meeting.

Here's the story:
  • Jason contacted Dave W. and the Cohens about the use of the brewery, and since the Cohens have not closed the deal yet, the person we really need to contact is Dave Kreitzer, the current owner. Dave W. already has a relationship with him so he's going to contact him on our behalf and try to have some info for us by Monday.
  • Halle contacted a couple local businesses who expressed support and interest in participating, should we pursue the "art crawl" option.

See you all next Monday, May 5, at the Fort Road Federation Office.

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