Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 12, 2008 Steering Committee Minutes

Tonight's focus: Preparing for the Show!

I. Locale Update
The Pilney is a go. Tenant is fine with our plan to use the space for our show during business hours and on weekends.
We need to draft a proposal for The Pilney's owners. Details below.

II. Budget
Nance circulated the budget proposal that was submitted to Thune/City Council. The proposal was blessed by steering cmte. members and Betty at Fort Road Fed.
We hope to have the budget money in time to do publicity for the show, but if it doesn't come through in time for us, we will have to get creative. (Roaming sandwich boards, heavy e-mail/word of mouth, radio spots, press releases, Community Reporter, etc.)

III. WEA letterhead and business cards
Jason is working on these.
Letterhead will need to specify West End Arts as "A Committee of the Fort Road Federation."

IV. Show Setup: To Do List
Beg, borrow, steal:
  • Pedastals for sculptures (from Thune, Nance, Jason)
  • Lighting equipment (light fixtures, c-clamps, extension cords, etc.)
  • Movable walls (from Thune, Nance)
Solicit volunteers to:
  • Select pieces to show. (Mary, Virginia, Paulette)
  • Gather donations of cups, napkins, beverages. (Halle) (Our show poster can include a thank you to businesses who donate.)
  • Help hang show.
  • Help with fundraising at the show (producing/selling t-shirts, soaps, caps, bumper stickers, magnets, key chains).
  • Line up volunteer musicians for venue-appropriate music (probably acoustic, small-scale, not minding being background music).
IV. Proposal for Pilney Draft Text
Proposal for West End Arts Scene-and-be-Seen Show

To take place in the ground floor/open space of the Pilney building, organized and staffed by volunteers of West End Arts.

Pilney building owners agree to provide West End Arts volunteers access to the show space at the following dates and times.
Show dates: Saturday, July 12, 2008-Saturday, August 2, 2008
Opening reception: Saturday, July 12, 2008, 6-10pm
Open to the public: Thursdays through Sundays, 1-5pm

Art drop-off dates: Sunday, July 6, 3-6pm and Wednesday, July 9, 1-4pm

Show preparation dates: Saturday, July 5 through Saturday, July 12 between 9am and 5pm

Art pick-up dates: Wednesday, August 6, 1-4pm and Saturday, August 9, 3-6pm

West End Arts volunteers and Pilney building owners will arrange a date and time to meet at the show space sometime between May 24 and June 21, 2008, so that:
  • West End Arts volunteers can assess the space (take measurements, determine the number and types of pieces we'll be able to display, determine equipment and lighting needs).
  • We can clarify how West End Arts volunteers will access the space as we prepare and conduct the show.
West End Arts volunteers understand that the Pilney building's tenant requires use of the space on weekday evenings, and agree to clear the space of artworks each afternoon before leaving the site.
West End Arts and Pilney building owners will agree upon a safe, out-of-the way area within the space in which to stow pieces during off-hours, from the date we begin receiving show pieces (July 6) through the date artists will pick up their pieces (August 9) (for example, the back of the room, a closet, etc.). If the tenant and/or building owners prefer, we can leave select pieces displayed during the length of the show (for example, paintings on the permanent walls or sculptures in the windows).

We thank you for your support of West End Arts!

Jason Gorski

V. Call for Artists
Our schedule:
Finalize details for call for artists: By May 24
Begin circulating/posting call for artists: Saturday, May 24 (poster format: 1/2-legal size and legal size)
Submissions due: Saturday, June 21
Selection period: Sunday, June 22-Sunday, June 29

Draft Text to include on blog:
West End Arts Scene-and-be-Seen
Call for Entries

West End Arts, a committee of the Fort Road Federation, is a newly-formed group of artists, neighbors, and friends organized to promote and foster arts in the West End, by encouraging and connecting artists, and extending arts into the community through exhibitions, live performances, and educational outreach.

Our kick-off event is West End Arts Scene-and-be-Seen, a showcase of visual arts created by artists living and working in the West End.
We welcome submissions of every visual art form, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, glass, and wood.
Your submission packet must include:
(1) Cover letter with:
Your name, e-mail and/or postal address, and phone number
A brief description of your connection to the West End (whether you are a resident, business owner, or employee in the neighborhood),
(2) Digital images (submitted online) or photos/photocopies (submitted by mail, 8.5 x 11 inches maximum) of up to three artworks, with actual dimensions specified. These items will not be returned to you.
(3) An artist's statement to be displayed alongside selected work(s) with:
Your name
Title of artwork(s) and (optionally) prices
Up to 100 words (about three short paragraphs) describing yourself and/or your artworks.
Note: If you're offering your artworks for sale, you must take full responsibility for negotiating with potential buyers, collecting payment, and delivering artworks. West End Arts does not represent individual artists or buyers.

Entries due: Saturday, June 21
Selection period: Sunday, June 22-Sunday, June 29
Show dates: Saturday, July 12, 2008-Saturday, August 2, 2008
Opening reception: Saturday, July 12, 2008, 6-10pm
Open to the public: Thursdays through Sundays, 1-5pm

Due to space limitations, the selection committee may elect to display one or more submissions at a future event.
If your works are selected, you'll be required to:
  • Deliver your artwork(s) to the Pilney Building, [address], Sunday, July 6, from 3-6pm or Wednesday, July 9, 1-4pm.
  • Sign a waiver releasing West End Arts and the Fort Road Federation from liability should your artworks be lost, stolen, or damaged during preparations for the show, for the duration of the show, and until the artworks are returned to you.
  • Pick up your artwork(s) at the Pilney Building Wednesday, August 6, 1-4pm and Saturday, August 9, 3-6pm
Submit entries by e-mail westendarts(at)gmail(dot)com or by U.S. Mail to the attention of:
West End Arts
Fort Road Federation

For details, see westendarts.blogspot.com or e-mail westendarts_at_gmail_dot_com.

VI. Other Appeals to Artists
  • Send Maxine call for artists to publish in Community Reporter (Rachel)
  • Ask Maxine how much it would cost to do an insert in the Community Reporter (for show) (Rachel)
  • Rake Magazine (online) has a Call for Artists page. We can send a listing to cristina(at)rakemag(dot)com.

VII. Action Items
Nance/Jason/Anyone will bring templates of insurance/waiver for selected artists to sign.
Rachel will draft Pilney Proposal.
Rachel will draft call-for-artist
Jason will finish call-for-artists poster.
Nance will talk to Betty about Fort Road Federation insurance, and confirm it's okay for artists to send submissions to us in care of Fort Road Federation office.

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