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June 4, 2008 Meeting Minutes

June 4, 2008 Meeting Minutes
Starring: Jason, Rachel G., Joe, Halle, John, Nance, Laurel, Mike Orr, Mary, David, Paulette (and later, Rachel R.)

I. Scene-and-be-Seen Show update
Call for entries was published in the Community Reporter along with an article by Halle.
Some flyers have been posted (Mad Hatter's, Rudies)
One submission rec'd so far.
Open items:
  • Betty/Insurance (Nance)
  • Budget/Dave Thune (Nance)
  • Jason will contact Pilney re: setting up a meeting with hanging crew.
Show publicity: We should provide Kent/garden tour sites info about show to distribute. Halle will contact Villager about place ad. Bonfe ticker tape sign. Public radio spots.

Web site: We should post submissions/show pieces on our "scene" blog, including those entries that we didn't have space for (if necessary).

"People's Choice" award for show entries (suggested by Laurel): could have picture of piece, winner in Community Reporter

Any volunteers willing to post about 5 flyers each at businesses in the West End? Yes!
  • Nance & John (downtown)
  • Paulette (CVA, Day by Day, Miss. Market, YWCA, Nina's, Common Good Books, WA Frost)
  • David
  • Mary (Skinners, Leitner's, The Spot, Bennett's, churches)
  • Halle
  • Mike (West Side coffee shops)
  • Rachel & Jason (Black Dog, Fresh Grounds, Tease, Supatra's)
Any volunteers willing to contact artists for submissions? Yes!
Many of those present committed to submitting a piece, and David and Paulette made a long list of people they'd reach out to.

Any volunteers willing to be gallery sitters during the show? Yes. Will confirm as we get closer to the show.

II. Future projects to consider
Performing arts showcase. Potential leadership/involvement from ...
Jason, Dave W's band, McNally School of Music, Rachel R., Heather's family, Gabriella Sweet, Lisa Kane (is she still in our 'hood?), Lia, Sarah Remke, Accordion Heaven, Jeanne Cotter (pianist, "Mythic Rain") (via Paulette)

Mississippi Market. David & Paulette have contact with board member Mary Bishop, who works at Leitners.

Shalom Home.

III. Next steering cmte. meeting: Wed. 6/11, Black Dog in

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