Tuesday, September 16, 2008

West 7th Iron Pour is On! & Call for Entries for "Scene, be Seen, and be Heard"

WEA General Meeting -- All Welcome
Date: Thursday Oct 2 @ 7:00PM
Location: 974 West 7th -- Fort Road Fedration Office
Agenda: Iron Pour update, small shows at the Pilney, winter performance showcase

Check out the new art scene brought to you by your friendly neighborhood West End Arts. It's an arts inferno that's truly on fire! Then cool down for our cool winter showcase for the performing arts!


Click here to find out more about the Pour baby, pour ! and find out more about performing for our winter showcase!

1 comment:

sarabanfil said...

This is so cool that you are doing an iron pour. I am totally bummed that I will be consumed with art crawl activities. Will you do one that does not conflict for the working slaves?

Good luck it sounds really cool and I am trying to find someone to bring my kid there.