Saturday, January 10, 2009

February Meeting Announcement & January Meeting Minutes

We will have our next WEA General Meeting Thursday, February 5th, 7PM at ???.
(Stay tuned for details.)

Be sure to check out the current scene at:

I. SPNN Youth Video Project (Mary Humphrey)
Mary Pumphrey of SPNN spoke about a youth video project that will create "neighborhood video camps" in three St. Paul neighborhoods, including (potentially) the West End.
An artist mentor would be paid by SPNN to work with youth within the neighborhood to produce videos. Goal is to connect youth with community, artists, and history-present-and-future of the neighborhood.
They are currently applying for grants and looking for partner organizations within the neighborhood, who would write letters of interest and/or support for the project.
As partners, SPNN would look to us as a lead to a potential mentor, a resource to help screen videos within the neighborhood. Details of partnership to be hammered out once funding is secured sometime in the spring.
* Jason would like to see an excerpt of the grant proposal.
* Nance concerned that we'd be competing for grant money.
But ...
Those present voted in favor of signing a generic/conditional letter of support for the project.
II. New Art Coordinator Assistant (Mary Esch)
Rene can no longer fulfill this role.
Deborah Padgett has volunteered to be the new assistant. Happy anniversary, Deborah!
III. Scene, Be Seen, and Be Heard Showcase (Group)
Production crew volunteers:
  • Director: Mary Esch
  • Stage Management: Jason (Stage Mgr), Chloe (Emcee), Mike Orr, Joe (consulting on Hall setup)
  • Cash for change (at show) & cash reimbursement (post-show): Jason, Betty, Nance
  • Doors: John, Dan K, Mike Orr
  • Bar: Paulette, Nance (and maybe Ed H.--Joe will ask him.)
  • Kitchen: SOKOL volunteers being coordinated by Joe
  • Setup/Decoration: Mary Ellen, Jason, Nance, Joe, Roxy, Krista Walsh
  • Cleanup: Gayle, Roxy, Mary, Mike, David
Friday afternoon 1/16 schedule:
Mary and her new assistant Deborah will notify participants of schedule.
  • 5pm: Volunteers show up at hall to help set up, go get stuff as needed, etc.
  • 6:30pm: Performers show up for dress rehearsal
Posters were distributed and areas to poster were assigned.
Budget was sketched out with rough estimates of expenses and expected revenue at the door.
Reminder that the artists have been allotted a percentage of door proceeds.
Joe is flexible about the rental fee for CPSP Hall and we'll discuss it further after the event.

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Andrews Photography said...

cool show lots of great acts and material, who was that lady with the plastic she was really good, Also I grabbed a few photos of the hip hop guy Danami if anyone wants to take a look.

thanks see you next year for sure