Thursday, October 15, 2009

SECOND ANNUAL IRON POUR A SUCCESS! Photos will amaze you...

Second annual Iron Pour a success! While Dave Thune's rock & roll band, "The Back Seat Boogey Band," provided the background music, the Ironhead team, dressed in futuristic silver trench coats with equally other-worldly sci-fi helmets, popped the cork on the iron furnace Saturday night.

Despite cool temperatures, artisans and community members huddled together in anticipation to watch the golden liquid flow into their carefully prepared sand molds. The fire department was on hand in case the fiery sparks flew too far and fly they did. It was exciting evening, with everyone's mold getting a dose of hot iron.

Sunday, the sand molds were cracked opened to "ooohs" and "ahhhhhs" as sand was brushed away from the iron. Those who participated in the pour walked away with a prized piece of personal art.

But wait! There's more you can do to make your iron sculpture really shine. Here are a few ideas from Marty Hicks, West End sculptor and metalworker.

* Wire brush the heck out your casting
* Cut, grind, or file off any unwanted material
* Sand the top surfaces to bring out the highlights
* Warm the casting with a propane torch or on your range, and wax it (Johnson's Paste Wax works)
* Or just leave it rough ...

Marty Hix submitted the above.

(Without whom this success would never have happened... Thanks Marty!)

Photography by Fotodog.

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