Sunday, November 8, 2009

Meeting Minutes: Saturday, Nov. 7, 2009

Thank you, Rachel for taking notes in my absence. As MOI I've taken the liberty of reviewing and editing the notes.

Deborah Padgett, Co-Coordinator and Minister of Information
WEA meeting, Saturday Nov. 7, 2009, Mississippi Market. 7pm.

Present: Lia, Matt, Nance, John, David, Paulette, Mary, Gail, Stewart, Steve, Rachel, Jason. Am I missing anyone? The stranger eating dinner next to the wall. (Was Joe Landsberger there?)

Background music: 80s light rock. Toto, Pat Benatar, Joe Jackson.

In the Minister of Information's absence, Rachel takes notes.

Mary was contacted by someone at Gloria Dei Church in Highland, offering us gallery space for a show. Stewart and David offered to help to an extent. Nance will post a call for interested volunteers.
Stewart doesn't have a car, and David confirmed the spelling of "Dei."

Nance has reserved space at the St. Paul Gallery for a showing of Iron Pour objets d'art in January. Jason, Paulette, and Matt offered help. Nance will kick things off with an e-mail to participants, giving them a heads-up about the show.

Joe Landsberger is helping spearhead a "West End Beautification Coalition" and suggested West End Arts send a liaison to their meetings, which can sometimes take place at 11am on weekday mornings, when most of us are earning our keep. Everyone veritably bursts with ideas for beautification that far surpass plastic likenesses of Charlie Brown and Lucy. (I thought those were fiberglass?) But is anyone interested in attending the meetings? Anyone? Nance is too busy with work right now. David's traveling a lot for family reasons. Maybe we should take turns! Okay, great--so who can go to the first meeting? Any takers? (MOI researching this and will get back to you... also, specifics about 1st meeting).I didn't hear who finally got tagged "it," because I was gabbing with Jason. He wants to create a life-size inflatable replica of the now defunct Excel coal power plant, that dances around like those huge stick men. "It would be terrifying!" he asserts, eyes gleaming.

December meeting! Who wants to host it? Mary, or someone, tries to rope Rachel and Jason into it, but Rachel is unyielding. Nance will reserve space (again!) at the St. Paul Gallery.

Mary would like to organize another show at Mississippi Market, ideally to run immediately after this one. As far as she knows, the walls are free. David likes the idea of a curated show, to some extent, to introduce the "possibility of focus." Lia expresses interest in curating a "Tasty" show at the Mississippi Market, art inspired by food (Jason's idea), but that would be at some uncertain point in the future. What about for the very next show, something we could slap together in a hurry and put up right after the current show comes down? Oh, well, when you put it that way ... hmmm ... maybe if we drop the theme/focus idea. (These artists, they're all over the place.) Show of hands, who has something they could contribute to the next non-thematic Mississippi Market show? (Hands rise.) Okay then! We've got a show! Mary, once again, offers to coordinate it. (Thank you, Mary.) "Maybe I could get some help," Mary demurely suggests. Nance and David take pity on her.

Meeting adjourned.


jgroenert said...

I will host the next WEA meeting at my house but i don't know when it is . Can a calendar be added to the WEA site?Same day notice is too close .
I am partial to the idea of a ghostly image of the vanished power plant. Light it from the inside like the BareBones halloween show internal organ puppets.
How much air velocity would it take to inflate one, i wonder? I have a life size blue whale at the Science Museum made of plastic . U could borrow that, uses one box fan. And there is a surge of plastic bag inflatable sculpture on the subway grates in new york. Those bags are much lighter thatn the fire resistant plastic of the whale. Anyone know where a BIG air vent is? A couple of politicians maybe?

Anonymous said...

Your meeting minutes are fun to read.

Shrimppop said...

Jason Gorski: this is your old friend Dave Feasey from San Francisco ca. 1988. How the hell can I get in touch with you?
(585) 820-2556