Thursday, December 8, 2011

Call for Art!

My name is Dennis Taylor, and I'm one of the owners of The Petite Salon located at 600 W. 7th. I'd love to connect with artists in the neighborhood who would be willing to display their art in our salon on a quarterly basis. We would be more than happy to sell your art on your behalf without charging you a commission. What we would ask of you in return is that you invite 50 people to the opening. We have a holiday open house scheduled for this coming Sunday, Dec. 11th, and it would be great to have some art on the walls in time for people to see your work. Please contact me if you are interested, my phone number and email are listed below. If you have an online portfolio, that would be great as well but not required. Thanks in advance!!

Dennis Taylor
phone: (651) 295 4802

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