Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Aug 2 WEA Meeting/Salon Notes & Photos

First and foremost a huge THANK YOU to outgoing WEA Coordinator, Mary (the industrious, the talented, the fun and fascinating...) Esch. She will turn the reigns over to Nance Derby in September. She will still be working fast and furious on our behalf and on behalf of various other concerns. She will be taking on the role of curator for exhibits and other opportunities for West End Arts. psssst... thanks again Mary E.

Marty Hicks opened his studio and backyard last night for a pleasant gathering of artists. For several of us it was a bit of a reunion after several months of distractions that kept us apart. The weather was lovely, the company engaging, the discussion informative and even inspiring at points. Photo here shows Marty explaining some of his metal work processes.

Now for the Minutes: I didn't get the entire list of names of attendees but it goes something like this:
Nance Derby, John Davidson, Haley, Mary Esch, Marty Hicks, Jason and Rachel, Kent Peterson, Paulette Meyers-Rich, Deborah Padgett (anyone I’m forgetting?)

Meeting began with Mary Esch showing the Aug issue of Community Reporter and the profile on Rachel “Ratchet” Johnson, better known as Barista Girl. Take a look. Also, www.baristagirl.com

First order of business, Bike decorating contest update from Paulette. Paulette made a certificate of participation for those who decorate their bikes. Mary Essch and Deb Fisher will be at the community center at 4 PM. Bikes will be exhibited and awarded between 7:20 and 7:30 PM… Decorating is expected to go on throughout the day. Nance and Paulette have some items kids can use to decorate and they will drop them off at the community center.

Next: Iron Pour. We will do it again in the fall. Dave will get $ for workshops and advertising. Nance wondered if Dusty Thune could be enticed to offer advance workshops for WEA to prepare us to participate in the actual Pour day. Marty Hicks will lead the effort in regard to Iron Pour. Mary, nance and Jason will prep marty with anything that will help him pull this off. Nance said she’s 100% behind it if WEA makes molds and is/are taught a couple of weeks ahead of time through quality workshops for artists. Timing? October-ish. Jason will update IP poster… Probably Schmidt Berwery again for location. Marty will putll his group together. Larger group will review.

Dicussion then turned to and opportunity for art show at the new Mississippi Market. Mary E. made contact with Darcy there. Halley said she talked with Steve Murray about how well his photos might display there. She will follow up. Maybe a revolving art show, group show could take place (Paulette’s comment). Nance reminded us Shhalom wants a show: lobbies, hallways, seating areas. Mary Esch will make the contact and follow up.

No real update on art car parade. Read last months minutes. We had a visitor (Janet) from Intermedia arts wanting us to be aware of them and them to be aware of us. IT WAS DECIDED WE’L ENCOURAGE SOME discussion and thinking among ourselves about possible participation in Art Car and Bike Decorating in conjunction with next year’s National Night Out.
Jason raised the possibility of the 2nd Annual Pilney Art Show. Ran into Chris Boone who said he’d like to see it happen. Chris is the Pilney contact who can make it happen (as I understand it).

Nancy Derby was unanimously voted in as WEA Coordinator. She accepted the post for one year allowing for the possibility of extenuating circumstances. Deborah Padgett will stay on for at least the next three months to transition from assistant coordinator into the new year. All toasted and cheered and applauded. Then we all made a big deal out of Mary Esch… who, frankly deserved it. She did a great job and I, Deb P., loved co-coordinating with her.

Marty Hicks talked about the Amercian Craft Council’s Annual Conference to be held in Minneapolis at the Radisson October 15-17. Check it out online for more information. Sounds like an interesting agenda. Our own Paulette was quoted in regard to an article on Twin Cities artists/crafts people in American Craft Magazine.

We decided to talk about Art/Craft as lifestyle vs. livelihood at an upcoming meeting and discuss new and emerging business models for same.

Deb Padgett will look into existing drawing co-op in St. Paul and let the gang know what she finds out.

Art share was interesting with Marty showing us his work space, his process and talking about his affiliations and intentions.

The meeting closed around 9 PM (at least for me ‘cause I had to get home before dark so I wouldn’t turn into a princess… Don’t you hate it when that happens?

Respectfully submitted, Deborah Padgett

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