Saturday, August 1, 2009


WEST END ARTS monthly meeting
Thursday July 2, 2009
Gerry Heroff's backyard 392 So.Oseola Ave.
Present: Sam, Mr and Mrs. Herroff, Debra Fisher, Shelaugh C.,Gayle Cole,David Rich
Paulette Myers-Rich, Janet, Mary Ellen,Mary Esch, Marty Hicks
1.)2009 Nat Night Out Bike Decorating Contest/Parade update
Deb Fisher is Project Leader. Jeff Martinka Director of ComCenter wants to help us with this. He will send announcement for Com Reporter. He'll arrange for prizes like school supplies or gift certificate at Dairy Queen. Deb is creating a poster for event. A certificate of participation will be created for all.
2.)Art Car Parade proposal: Paulette invited an art car artist to the meeting, Janet___?___. to talk about past ArtCar Events events and how they run smoothly. Her suggestions are as follows:
Start Small, have a day workshop with a donated car. Hire a ArtCar Artist to lead a How-to Workshop. She suggested $250 for Mina Lear Wood, Cat Corrigan, Duane(formerly of HOTB, does whirli-gig art cars) List of Supplies: one clean car to paint, 1-Shot Lead paint,big tarp,brushes,gloves, smocks,participants,workshop leader. Do a simple impromptu “drive-by-parade” that requires no permit or police people. Do this as opposed to an official parade which involves getting permits and police involved to do set up street blockades. Try to get Business Sponsorship: area businesses, bars, and schools sponsor “snoopy statue-art” perhaps they would sponsor an art-car. Usually word gets out that an Art Car Event is taking place, drawing art car people to the event creating a bigger drive-by spectacle.
Jan Elftmann Leader of the Mpls. Art Car Parade and organizer for several years running, starts in May for a July parade event. She has a lot of infrastructure is already in place.
There is a trashy looking van at Community Center which may be usable as art car? Janet said she'd talk to Jeff Martinka about that. Get neighborhood Kids involved.
Ask Carl Benson a.k.a. Mr.Positive to be ArtCar/Bike Parade Leader
Leonardo's Basement does an adults only workshop 43/Nic. Mpls. Idea for us as a group for fun activity and for our own community in future.
3.)Community Reporter WEA Coverage: Keep sending your profiles to Jerry Rothstein. He has a bunch to work with for a few issues. Does not mind them trickling in.
4.) Visions for Future Projects:
Napkin Art Show at a bar, another Show at Pilney, Day by Day? Cherokee Banks?Create a list of art exhibition locations in area and contact info and limitations, State Fair Exhibit as a group? Idea: select one work by each member an exhibit at area business. Iron Pour #2-Marty Hicks said he'd look into the options for doing this again this year.
5.)Art Share: Gerry Herroff opened his painting studio to show us several oil paintings, GardenHose Night Mare was one such title and we toured his art collection in his home. Maryellen brought her found object Memory Boxes,Gayle Cole brought two richly patterned non-representational ptgs., Deb Fisher brought photographs of her miniature hand-constructed interiors with furniture.

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PainterGirl said...

Thanks, Mary, for taking on the minutes the last couple of months. I'll take it back for us tomorrow (Monday, August 3). Let's remember to talk about a Drawing Co-op too. That sounds like such fun to me. Lots going on right now though. Deborah Padgett